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3D Bubble Mania...what?

 article about 3D Bubble Mania...what?
Remember the bubbles? I mean, really? Remember when you were a child, at some point of your life you definitely had a bubble blowing thing which you used to blow out bubbles? You could either use the stuff sold in shops or create the bubble blowing potion yourself of soap and stuff. One of those recipes was the following - 1,5 cups water, 2 teaspoons sugar, half a cup of liquid dish washing detergent - now put them all together into some air tight container and it's ready. Of course, like mentioned, you could also do it all with soap and such as well, you just need to try different versions.

Well, you get the idea. That's the bubble stuff we remember. However, let's think bigger now. Sprint shows off some 3D Bubble Mania in a youtube video. Just check it out, these bubble are really big, really out there, they look really cool to be honest. Their video adds a fresh spin on the flash mob concept. If you have an HTC EVO 3D, you can watch the video in 3D for best experience. If you have any 3D videos yourself, just upload 3D videos #3DBubbles and send with #Sprint4G.

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