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Second annual HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway - August 18, 2011

 article about Second annual HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway - August 18, 2011
Freebies, free stuff, free giveaways - isn't that what we all pretty much love? I think you agree, I know I do. There are quite a few Giveaway events out there, but some of them are definitely better than others, worth more than others. The HGTV Urban Oasis Giveaway kicks off in less than two weeks, in August 18 and lasts until Friday, October 7, 2011.

One luck winner will get an exclusive residence, designed by a well-known designer Vern Yip, on the 35th floor of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. Not only is the residence in a perfect spot and designed by a world known designer, its size is over 1000 square feet, it's fully furnished and it's valued well above $750,000.

If you want to take part of this giveaway, enter as well as HGTV's once a day. The giveaway is on from Thursday, August 18 to Friday, October 7, 2011.

"If you like the energy of city life, then the HGTV Urban Oasis is the giveaway for you" said network President Jim Samples. "Chicago is an ideal location for anyone who has dreamed of living a downtown lifestyle and, once again, viewers can expect the HGTV Urban Oasis residence to showcase the best in urban design and progressive city living."

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