Over the entire past decade the social group that has kept the viewers in front of their TV screens, are the participants of reality tv and the creators of the shows. In order to honour the only one group that has been able to bring in money to the country, United States decided to give them all medals and declare them national Heroes.

After buying out the car manufacturers and banks, US financial analysts started to study, which sector didn't suffer at all. And what they discovered, was somewhat surprising. While the television and movie sector as a whole wasn't doing good, Reality TV was. And according to analysts, the Reality TV shows brought the states in as much as the military took out.

Following this discovery, it was obvious that some difficult decisions had to be made and Obama has decided to pull all troops from the Middle-East area, some 50 000 will still be kept in Germany in case of Hitler's return, but Middle-East will be cleaned to the skin. Instead, Obama's administration together with the Reality TV union has decided to replace to troops with reality tv stars and start producing new reality tv shows directly from the Middle-East.

While in most cases the reality TV in the middle east will be somewhat different from what people are usually used to, especially because the locals tend to hate the western culture, it will be played out exactly like they would in US reality shows.

The difference is in cameras, or to be more exact, the lack of cmaeras. There will be no production teams, no cameras, no television. Instead, the reality tv stars will be thrown into unknown waters (figure of speech) in the middle east area and they need to be able to survive independent of what life brings them. Those who survive and start getting along with the locals, will be returned home and given a chance to earn with giving consultation to US government and later write a book about their experiences.

The newborn national heroes will be getting their medals in the end of May 2010 and the local non-televised reality shows will start airing within the next 2 months.