When you look at a country spending billions of dollars in a war in Iraq, you can't help but wonder what we are thinking.  Billions of dollars to protect us from terrorists or is it insurgents?  I'm not sure; I just know lives and our hard earned money is headed FAR AWAY FROM THIS COUNTRY because mankind has not developed beyond the early days of the Bible.
We can come up with billions to kill and destroy but little to rebuild the city of New Orleans a place where American people worked and slaved to give it meaning.  Why is that?  Why is it not important to take care of this area of our country?  In America alone, we have single individuals that could afford to rebuild that whole foundation and they would not miss the money as far as lifestyle.  Yet, our rich preachers, athletes and celebrities except the exceptional ones would rather sit on money they will never spend in this life time than to be a blessing for innocent victims of a natural disaster.
Our media does not expose good on a high scale, they would rather we continue thinking the world is filled with heartless, selfish and greedy people seeking to be worshiped by others.  But this does not apply to everyone.  My heart was blessed when I read and listened to Brad Pitt share his genuine concerns in rebuilding New Orleans.  He is one soul that went there with the people's best interest at heart without looking for a pat on the back.  He didn't just come there for news coverage and tax write-offs.  This family man and well known celebrity came to assist in healing New Orleans.  For once, it was not about color but supporting humanity to become stronger and nurtured.  I just want to thank God for his spirit and his family being so willing to join him on his determined mission to do good will.