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During the recent air show at Avalon, near Melbourne in Australia, the pilot of a C27, a modernised G222 troop transport aircraft designed in Italy, did a low level barrel roll. Just as well he had no Army parachutists hanging out of the back of the aircraft. The scene would have been interesting.  "Excuse me Sir. When you turn this aircraft the right way up, we would like to get off".




The US Army has begun to partition the various parts of Baghdad in an attempt to keep the various factions apart as to stop them from killing each other.

Last time I heard, apartheid had failed.

In the meantime in the US, a democrat politician has said publicly that the Iraq war had been lost.

Now that's new. Most of us already knew three years ago that the war had been lost.




It appears that 'conflict of interest' rules apparently don't apply in Australia.

One better-known Sydney radio broadcaster is also an active member of the Liberal Party and the broadcast slant he puts on his utterings, for want of better words, often look remarkably like Liberal Party policy statements.

But then, on the other side of Australian politics, the wife of a Labor Party politician runs a Job Network operation, a Liberal Party invention that is often criticised by many as being grossly corrupt.




There are fears in Australia that some of Australia's river systems are running out of water and that food production in Australia may suffer as a consequence. Easy fix. Just import food, everyone else does.

Australians may simply have to change their habits. Instead of smoking grass, they may have to eat it.




Americans seem to have this habit of trying to kill each other with the various types of weapons, the latest mass killing in Virginia being the most recent episode.

When will they learn that guns and boofheads are a dangerous mix and that some form of effective gun control has become an urgent issue?

As an example take this fact. More Americans are being shot in Washington DC every day than are being killed in Iraq in a week.




In Russia, it appears to be a case of 'back to the USSR'. One pro-Kremlin network says that 50% of reporting about happenings in Russia must be positive.

Death and taxes is not popular. I know something positive the Russians might be able to use. Get rid of Putin. Now that's positive.