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Israel Still Practicing 'Bunker Busting'

The Israeli Air Force is still practicing its 'bunker-buster' techniques over the Mediterranean as well as over Israeli airspace. Six F15i's, a 707 tanker and an EC2 Hawkeye were recently detected, intercepted and monitored 50 miles from Cyprus during the most recent practice runs. The tactics to be used in a possible Israeli raid in Iran are now well known and would necessitate a considerable amount of cooperation from the US in order just to reach a target, let alone hit one. In overall terms, any suggestion of a raid into Iran being successful would have to be regarded as 'fruitcake' stuff.


But then, with George Bush as President, anything goes…




Australians say RUDDOCK, GET STUFFED


Readers will no doubt remember this miserable little man but for those not in the know, I shall remind you. Phillip Ruddock is Australia's Attorney General. He is also the man who recently said that torture techniques are acceptable when terrorism suspects are interrogated.

The latest from this particular Australian boofhead is that he now wants powers to ban certain books in Australia except "Mein Kampf" of course, which he has no doubt read five times, after all, the nasty tendencies of this miserable little man had to come from somewhere.

I have a message for this little idiot. "Ruddock, I shall read the books that I want to read whenever and wherever it suits me and your opinions as to my reading preferences are totally irrelevant" "In other words, Mr Attorney General, Get stuffed".




Green Zone Not Safe In Baghdad.

The fact that a suicide bomber was able to get into the Iraqi Parliament building and then blow himself up, clearly shows that no matter how well protected buildings, people and other facilities might be, there is always a chance that one bomber is going to get to his or her target no matter how many troops there are in any particular place.




Weasel Howard Writes Letter To Musharraf.

Little Johnny Howard, also known as Weasel, has urged Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf, to do more in terms of stopping Taliban forces moving between Pakistani territory into southern Afghanistan, where Australian troop numbers are about to be increased.

The chances of Weasel getting his wish are just about zero as Musharraf's hold on power has substantially diminished in recent months especially since he also has been very active sacking the various too independent-minded judges. Apart from that aspect, given the rugged regional landscape, controlling the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region is a virtual impossibility in any case.




Russians Watching Afghanistan.

The Russians appear to be watching to situation in Afghanistan with great interest, especially since the then Soviet Union was somewhat unceremoniously defeated in Afghanistan only a few decades ago.

A recent Russian military focus, read intelligence, meeting in Moscow has set up a monitoring structure capable of watching current events in Afghanistan, no doubt watching where things went wrong when the Russians occupied the country against the current NATO plus allies experience.

The findings might well be interesting reading.




UN Aid Arrives in Solomons - Late As Usual.

It was interesting to see where the immediate aid came from when an earthquake and then a tsunami hit the Solomon Islands.

The countries providing almost immediate support were Australia, New Zealand, France, the EU and PNG.

But when did the UN come in, might you ask? Well, almost two weeks after the event despite the UN having all material available that would have been capable of providing an immediate response. Bloody disgusting that is. In terms of response times, the UN needs to either get into the disaster response business properly or get out of altogether.