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Exchange Deal for U.S. and Australia?

 article about Exchange Deal for U.S. and Australia?

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Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander 'Shirley' Downer just can't resist opening his uninformed mouth, can he?


Here is boofhead, supporting the British position in relation to the 15 sailors and marines who were detained by the Iran Coast Guard as they ventured into Iranian territorial waters following a boarding of an Iraqi vessel suspected of smuggling without getting the facts first.


Obviously Downer did not see the actual details of the incidents but then, no-one would want to show him those as the fineries of such details would go straight over his head anyway.


My suggestion to any Australian warships in that region is this. Just make sure that you are on the correct side of the Iran-Iraq border.




In China, it is now legal to own property as was decreed by the China Peoples Congress held just recently in Beijing. There is a catch though. A large number of the comrades with substantial political Communist Party influence have already stolen most of the property, so making it legal to own property just legalised acts of theft. Ah indeed, no tickets for the Olympic Games for you Mr Luf. Bugger.




This is a suggestion that Australians might like to consider. Perhaps it might be possible to do an exchange deal with the US. The US will get Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Australia will get Guantanamo detainee David Hicks in return. Australians will no doubt consider this a good deal.




The private equity bid for Qantas appears to have hit a snag. Some institutional investors are not happy with the price and are refusing to cooperate. Never mind say the bidders. "We just change the rules and the bid will go ahead", they say. The flying public appears now to be saying. "Never mind, we just fly with a different airline".




Condolleezza Rice is in the Middle East again trying to convince Arab Government to recognise Israel. Her chances? About zero I would suspect. Reason? Before Israel can be recognised by Arab nations, Israel first needs to recognise that most of the territory it stole from the Palestinians, the Lebanese and the Syrians, needs to be returned to the respective owners before there can be a change of atmosphere towards Israel.




Conversation between two pilots over Western Australia, one was Australian, the other Dutch. 

Australian: "That was a bit of good flying sir. Have a banana"

Dutch:        "Thank you sir. I did not know you had any bananas after the cyclone in North Queensland, but if you do, I'll take the banana."

Australian:  "Yes, the banana production is doing fine again. That is why we are once again known as a Banana Republic. And just for your information the Australian Dollar is now known as the South Pacific Peso."

Dutch:        "You'll get 10 Euros for that one. Sir."




In the details of the State of the Union address young George said that he was sending Patriot missile units to Iraq. A bit strange, given the fact that the Patriot system is used only for anti-missile purposes and the Iraqi boof-heads throwing the bombs around do not have surface to surface missiles and no aircraft to put air to surface missiles onto. They appear to have surface to air weapons for which the Patriot is useless. What is this man trying to prove?



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