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The CIA now classed as terrorists? Oooops

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The Australian Government has approved the construction of another U.S. spy-base, this one to be constructed near Geraldton in Western Australia. As per usual with the current Australian Government, the Australian population was not informed or consulted, with the two-year negotiation process being carried out in secret. The base will be capable of providing communications facilities to and from U.S. agencies and it will able to 'spy on' communications throughout Asia and the Middle East. For some this will be good. Everyone will soon be able to spy on all those U.S. rendition flights that are criss-crossing the world.




It has come to our notice that the U.S. may be planning an attack on nuclear and defence facilities in Iran. The attack is said to be scheduled on or about 7 April and will involve carrier-based aircraft and cruise missiles. It is known that U.S. carrier groups in the Gulf region have been practicing tactics for such an attack. An attack on Iran would have grave consequences for relations throughout the Middle East and would make the U.S. position in Iraq and throughout the Middle East virtually impossible. Should George W be stupid enough to proceed with this, I wish the American people every bit of luck because they will need it in large quantities.




I really feel sorry for the people of Panama. They have the misfortune to have with their country an airport name "Howard Air Force Base". Lucky for them the base was not named after current Australian Prime Minister John Howard, better known in diplomatic circles as 'Bonsai" (Little Bush). That's a relief.




And while we're on the subject of Australian P.M. John Howard, we just cannot help but laugh at the antics of this silly little man. Here he is, having a go at Senator Obama in relation to the Senator's policy in Iraq, while in his own country he has lost all credibility on the issue. There's an idiot born every minute. Oops, there goes one…




The CIA has turned to terrorism to solve its problems it seems, as the case of 26 CIA agents operating in Italy clearly shows. They managed to kidnap a Muslim cleric and 'transport' him to Egypt where he was held for four years and tortured regularly. The man is now back in Italy. An Italian Judge has now decided that the 26 agents and their Italian colleagues have a case to answer in relation to kidnapping the man and transporting him illegally to Egypt. No doubt they will not turn up for their court hearings, I could not imagine why not.


Firstly, if it took 26 CIA agents plus a few Italians to 'lift' one cleric, we might well be wondering as to the competency of this crowd and secondly, by adopting such tactics the CIA can now legitimately be classified as a terrorist organisation under the internationally recognised definition of terrorism.  Oh, how much fun shall we have with this scenario? The Administration can now legitimately be accused of harbouring and funding terrorism activities and terrorist organisations. With the various U.S. spy-bases scattered all over the world, could it now be said that the countries where such bases are located are assisting in the conducting of terrorism activities? Indeed it could and may well be said. I can see exit signs appearing all over the place.




The David Hicks saga appears to 'warming up' in Australia. He was the man 'captured' in Afghanistan and 'transported' by the U.S. to Guantanamo, and who has been there ever since. Having been in illegal detention for over four years without charges being brought, his case is now causing concern to the Australian Government, with some Australian voters now saying that the Government need not bother to come to them for their vote whilst Hicks is still locked up in Guantanamo. Sadly for the Australian Government, the issue of doing something about it has passed with international lawyers now looking at charging both the Australian Prime Minister and the Attorney General with numerous international law breaches relating to a host of matters the day after they retire from Parliament.




The International Law Compliance Forum is to make representations to both the U.N. and the International Criminal Court in relation to the investigating and prosecuting of former U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The ILCF alleges that Rumsfeld has a case to answer in relation to numerous matters related to the U.S. conduct in mainly Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in other countries. The ILCF says that the charges it wants to proceed with include terrorism-related offences. Ouch.




It is believed that Le George W is coming to Australia for an Apec forum meeting. To my American friends I would say this. "Can't you guys keep your rubbish at home?

We have enough trouble dealing with our own lunatics".




And Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer is extremely clever - coming to the conclusion that most Iraqi's live in Iraq. 



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