The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers will perform at Sounds of Hope on Friday, May 18, 2007 and August 17, 2007 at the Potters House, 1658 Columbia RD NW in Washington, DC. There will be food provided at 7:00pm and entertainment starts at 8:00pm. There is a suggested donation of $10.00.


The Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers are a group of tremendously talented artists that grew out of the cultural experience demonstrated at Malcolm X Park and is founded by Doc Powell. Drummers from all walks of life, and from every level of drumming abilities, other musicians of all varieties, and spectators of all nationalities and ages, come together and create a wonderful expression of creative energies. From this setting, arose a group of performing artists called the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers.


Some of its company members are Donald Donga, King Baba James, Becky Umeh, Roberto Dominich, Dion Jacobs, Jaamin Tempo, Doc Powell, and Kombo Omolara.


Donald Donga, a Nigerian master dancer formerly with the National Troupe of

Nigeria, will bedazzle you with his unusual body distortions.


King Baba James, also, a Nigerian master dancer, and, also, formerly with the National Troupe of Nigeria, will entertain you with his no-hand flips and

master dance personality.


Becky Umeh, Nigerian, master choreographer and master dance instructor, will delight you with her extraordinarily graceful movements and voice expressions. 


Kombo Omolara, another Trinidadian, drummer, and master stilts walker, does creative dancing while being suspended four feet in the air on stilts, and does not miss a beat.


Roberto Dominich, master Cuban drummer, will challenge you to keep up with his incredible hand drumming speed.


Dion Jacobs, a native of Tobago and former student of Wayne Guerra

(Trinidadian master djembe drummer), will demonstrate his extensive knowledge of djembe drumming.


Jaamin Tempo was trained in classical music in Japan, plays 13 different instruments, and has performed with Little Royal and Gill Scott Heron. She is a singer, songwriter, and composer, and plays conga drums for the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers.


Doc Powell, originally from Atlantic City NJ and one of the main coordinators of the creative activities on those Sundays in Malcolm X Park, rounds out the troupe and acts as the Music Director, producer, and lead drummer for the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers.


Some of our performance arenas are Market Five Gallery, The Martin Luther King Library, Wilson Senior High School, Riverside Baptist Church, Metro AME Church, The National Education Association, Union Temple Baptist Church, and Malcolm X Park.


We have performed at a variety of venues. Some of them include Mt.Ararat Outreach Center, Potter's House, National Education Association, Fairmount Heights Municipal Center, Metropolitan AME Church, Cultural Cafe, Josephine Butler Community Center, Ideal Public Charter School, International Mall, Ballou Senior High School, MLK Library, St. Marks Church, Riverside Baptist Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, Capitol Plaza Mall, Market 5 Gallery, Joe's Movement, Malcolm X Park, Greater Mt Nebo AME Church,Howard University (Auditorium), Washington Terrace Hotel, Walter Reed's Hospital, and Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute. For more information about us, please visit http://www.geocities.com/malcolmxdd/malcolmxdd.html or contact Doc Powell at 202-459-8157


About Sounds of Hope


Sounds of Hope is a weekly collaboration of local performers, charities and Potter's House presenting an evening of food, entertainment, and community outreach. Requested donations at the door go directly to the performers and charity, and proceeds of sale of dinner and desserts benefit Potter's House. The bookservice, which carries children's books, poetry, and social justice books, in addition to extensive selections in religion and spirituality, is also open on Friday nights. It happens every Friday Night from 7-10:30 PM at Potter's House located at 1658 Columbia Rd NW in Washington, DC. 


For more information visit http://www.myspace.com/soundsofhope or contact the coordinator, Mary Shapiro at pottershousedc@gmail.com


About Potter's House


Potter's House has been existence since 1960 and is located in the heart of Adams Morgan at 1658 Columbia Rd NW in Washington, DC. For more information visit http://www.pottershousedc.org



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