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Australian Parliament Members Exposed

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Following Australian Members of Parliament being exposed recently in relation to them holding and operating 'dirt files' being operated by a number of them, the levels of activity within the various electorate offices have seen a substantial increase as 'inappropriate' files are being removed.  The problem for the mainly Liberal-National Coalition MPs though is this.

During the investigation into the dirt files issue, other files, information as well as the various types of communication have also come to light and as should be the case, details of those issues and related matters will also be released.




Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander ‘Shirley" Downer recently confirmed his status as one of Australia's dirtiest political identities when, during an ABC interview, he launched into a tirade of abusive accusations against Opposition politicians.


Downer might like to keep in mind that it was his Government that was involved in bribing Saddam Hussein through AWB, that it was his Government who did nothing about the David Hicks case and that it was his Government that led Australia into the Iraq war knowing that the claims of weapons of mass destruction were false, this apart from all the other lies and abuses his Government has inflicted upon the Australian people during the life of the Howard Government.


Given the tone of Downer's constant empty-headed rhetoric, my message to this particular individual would be this;

"Downer, you are a grubby little nobody and your role in international relations has substantially been insignificant over the years. In fact, you have achieved nothing during your time as Foreign Minister".


In my view, the Australian people are entitled to have a real Foreign Minister instead of them having to put up with this grubby boofhead as their international representative.




Some interesting figures in relation to the war in Iraq.


It is costing the US $21Billion a month.


That is enough to wipe out the national debt of entire countries.


The US solution to its national debt problem? "No worries brother, just borrow some more".




This year is an election year in Australia. The Liberal/National Coalition Government, on the basis of scare- mongering and fear, won the last two elections in Australia. The re-election was won on illegal immigration issues and what has since become known as the 'Tampa Affair' during which Australian troops illegally 'hijacked' a Norwegian cargo ship called the "Tampa".


The allegations made at the time have since been proven to be totally untrue and concocted by the Government.


The second re-election was based on the 'Children overboard' affair. It involved allegations about refugees throwing their kids overboard to gain refugee status in Australia, these allegations also since having been proven to be totally untrue.


I wonder what 'Bonsai' Howard will throw at voters this time this given the lies put to Australians thus far by the current Prime Minister and his Government.




I once looked after a very small dog for a few days when friends were away on holidays. I took him for a walk encountering a neighbour who was taking his daily walk. His comments were "Gee Henk, I saw you walking around with a lead in your hand but I didn't know that there was anything on the end of it".




An airport somewhere in the Pacific.


Tower: "E991, runway 16, proceed right to VIP terminal".


E991:"E991 runway 16, turn right to VIP car park."


Tower: "Negative, proceed right to VIP terminal with that Global Express". "An allocated parking area has been set aside for you".


E991: "Thank you tower". "As we are not a Global Express but a 777, we'll take the VIP terminal, the car park, the allocated parking area and any other space that might be left-over after that".


Tower: "E991, proceed left International terminal Gate 2".




This might be a bit controversial.


These are there the aircraft that I simply refuse to fly in, for either comfort or safety reasons or simply the fact that they fly like a truck. The Boeing 717, Tupelov TU154, Ilyushin IL76, Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza, Piper Navajo and Chieftain, Learjet LJ35 and then lastly, the GAF Nomad. There are others. Most of these are no longer flying as either commercial or other transport aircraft.




Turkey still has a long way to go before it could even be considered as being a member of the EU for the following reasons. One is its appalling human right record. Two is the Kurdish issue. Three is its refusal to recognise and acknowledge its genocide record in relation to Armenia, and Four is its involvement in relation to Cyprus. The above being the case, don't hold your breath Turkey becoming a member of the EU within the near future.





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