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Pilots Beware. Bath sighted at 37,000ft

 article about Pilots Beware. Bath sighted at 37,000ft

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Just think of this one. You could be standing in the middle of Kabul waiting for either a bus or a taxi and up comes a vehicle and you get bundled into the back.  Next thing you know, you are in Guantanamo Bay and you are there for five years and more to come. No charges, just lots of allegations, and living in conditions that are disgusting under a detention regime that has the word 'illegal' written all over it. It is the lot of Australian David Hicks who has been in illegal Guantanamo detention for five years now without charge. This process is known as justice American style.



Conversation between two aircraft; "E1037 to Alitalia 88". E1037 "I will hand you to my co-pilot, I have to see to my bath". Al 88"Your what?" E1037 "My bath". Al 88 "Where do you get an aircraft like that?" E1037 "Just ask your company mate. They will do one of three things. They either think you are mad and put you in a lunatic-asylum, sack you, or give you a bath on your next aircraft". Forty minutes later there was a report. E1037 "Bath sighted at 37,000. Not bad either it was".



Amnesty International must be wondering as to its credibility following revelations that one of its members in Australia, who is also Australia's Attorney-General, stated on television that he had no problem with authorities applying 'aggressive interviewing techniques'. Should Amnesty wish to retain its credibility, it may wish to review this person's membership.



I have just the solution of George W in relation to Iraq. Instead of sending 20,000 more troops, send 3,000,000 and put one on every street corner. Apart from most likely firing at each other, it will keep the peace. But then, perhaps not.



Surprise, Surprise. Condolleezza Rice went to the Middle East to drum up some support for George W. "Sorry Condi. The only support you are going to get is as to how quickly the US might be able to get out of Iraq".



The APEC Forum will be held in Sydney this year and it is customary for the visiting leader to wear either a traditional shirt or something along those lines. In Australia they will highly likely wear a traditional Australian hat and a raincoat. I would have preferred if they would supply each leader with a 'Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert' outfit. Yum. George W in a dress? Oh yes. Never mind, the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister already has the stockings.

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