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There have been murmurings in the U.S. about the U.S. administration being interested in 'having a go' at Iran. Perhaps a little piece of advice to President Bush might be appropriate. "Don't even think about it, George. You are going to get done over if you try this sort of stunt".


The facts are these. Iran has a strong coherent military. There are established diplomatic and other links throughout the Middle East available to Iran that would be willing to support the country. Very unwise move should the U.S. travel along the military options road.



Whilst we are in the Middle East region we might like to consider the issue of Iran wishing to produce nuclear weapons. The fact is that nuclear weapons serve no purpose other than a deterrent one and I don't think Iran should not have these sorts of weapons. What people seem to forget, often conveniently so, is the fact that Israel has these weapons as well. So while sanctions against Iran are being considered, the same regime should apply to Israel in relation to their 300+ warheads.



When one looks at international law issues these days one cannot help but to think that there is one set of laws for most of us while there is a different set of laws for some members of the UN Security Council. We should perhaps keep in mind that the so-called defenders of freedom are also the world's biggest human rights abusers.


As an example I may mention one outstanding matter. I have not as yet seen the U.N. or the International Criminal Court chasing Donald Rumsfeld for his alleged breaches of international law and the associated human right abuses. Hypocrisy? You are right indeed.



During his most recent speech, Tony Blair quoted the UK's right to use military force when and where appropriate. Is he right? Well, no. International law and U.N. processes must sanction military intervention of any kind prior to such intervention taking place. The war in Iraq was an illegal war, regardless of the desirability of removing Sadam Hussein from power. The fact is that Blair got sucked into a war by the U.S. neocon, lunatic fringe right based on lies and misinformation. His legacy will be one of being fooled and taken for an idiot by the U.S. administration. Some may even suggest that the reason for Blair supporting the U.S. into Iraq was more sinister.



Ah yes indeed. Come to Australia, become and Australian citizen and then... get deported. I am not joking. Australia is one of the few countries that have managed to deport its own citizens in recent years.



Recent air traffic exchange at Sydney International Airport. Tower: E1815, follow Virgin 761 onto runway 16R. Aircraft E1815: I thank you tower, I have never been told to follow a virgin before but it will be my pleasure.



I have been told the nickname of John Howard. He is known as 'bonsai' which is little Bush


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