A major plus in Club Dread is that all the actors are equally awful;
none of them can offer even a half decent performance, which was good.
I was expecting a little more out of Bill Paxton, but then again, it IS
Bill Paxton, and anyone who can claim their best role was in a John
Hughes film is fair game for the Broken Lizard crew.

good thing was that the cast looked like they were having a good time
in the island paradise, even with a deranged machete-wielding psycho
running around slicing them up randomly.

I was also impressed
at just how formulaic the plot really was. I'm sure that if you grabbed
a calculator, the crew would be killed at precise intervals of
approximately twenty-two minutes past when they should have.

Nearly every member of the crew was annihilated in some gruesome way,
although it's not that realistic, adding to the overall shtick feel.

I was pleased that if I watched or listened closely enough, I could see
some of the BL intelligence at work, like Pina Colada burg, which is
only great because Weird Al hasn't come up with it yet. However, if
that's your criteria for intelligence these days, you'd better check
the gates cause Im sure theres four men on horses that want to speak
with you.

If it didn't fall into the traditional horror spoof
trappings, it would have been a good movie; but it succumbs to two too
many of the problems that occur when immature filmmakers get their
hands on an R rating.

Nudity abounds and other sexual innuendo
is produced throughout the movie, although if I had wanted to see that,
I would have grabbed any of my four hundred Girls Gone Wild tapes,
saving valuable time scheduling with my girlfriend.

There are pluses to having the core material at home (in the closet and to the left)

It's good to see the BL troops in action again, although the roles are
weak and generic, which is a strange metaphor to the writing and

Don't expect to walk out of the theater quoting
and laughing, this movie makes the comic strip Marmaduke look like
Robin Williams on Broadway.

The comic delivery is that of
dialogue intended to be jokes but not delivered as such. This was done
in Scary Movie, and the only real difference is that Scary Movie was
funny. If you want intelligent jokes interspersed with dialogue, I
recommend the Naked Gun series, and yes, even 33 1/3.

you're looking for Club Dread style humor with a similar location, I
can heartily recommend The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth Malibu Timmy.

Second to last, I'm reminded of the added bonus of the stereotypes,
because life isnt life without using bigotry as humor. A black British
person with dreadlocks is almost as amusing as an Asian person named,
you guessed it, Yu.
In some of the most inane dialogue ever, you
and Yu are used (you guessed it again) back-to-back! If that doesn't
make your sides split well Im proud.

Finally, I'm glad that
the movie was this bad, because it doesn't detract from Super Troopers
at all, in fact, it boosts the appeal and brilliance of that film