It's 11 in the night; a (young) man in his late forties switches on the television. His wife and a teenage daughter are out at a party. Neither he is unmarried, nor sex starved. He is happily married but still with nobody home he thought he could enjoy a late night movie (maybe to keep in good shape his faltering want of sex!).

Lo! It starts with the same scene he expected and had tried so many times. A couple having a shower together! It was perhaps the most titillating of all. He could see the actor's face, a pretty cool actor and well used to handle these kind of steamy scenes. The girl's bosom was superb, although her face did not appear. He could only see the girl's back, water trickling down her bosom and the guy's hands rubbing her back. "Out of the world!" remarked this old man. Every move of the guy on screen titillated the young oldie of ours to a want, want not for his wife to come back, his wife had gone plump, but he wanted the svelte lady on screen. Her back was hot, "Any man's desire" he thought.

The rubbing of the back and intimate scenes went on for a few more minutes and these few minutes were simply irresistible. The guy on screen looked so much at ease, not because he had his wife with him as the actress, but because he had done it in a number of movies and with a number of actresses. It was easy for him.

Although the girl's facial expression could not be seen, she must be hotter than hot with curves like that. As remarked by the old man, "awesome", "sexy", "any man's desire", "most admired". Water trickling down her hair and onto her sexy back was clearly shown, great camera work and this made the oldie imagine he was with her. Artistic!!

Of course this poor guy had only a pillow to be content with but the great artistic work made him move the same way even with that pillow, the pillow whom he imagined to be the actress and him of course to be the cool guy on screen.

The scene now moved to the bedroom, our oldie wishing the party went on for long so that he could continue admiring the art and continue imagining himself with the svelte figured blonde. As the cool actor puts his girlfriend ('girlfriend in real life', girlfriend on screen') on to the bed, our oldie closes his eyes. No, no heart attack, nor did his wife return. But as soon as the girl is laid on to the bed, he notices the possessor of the 'slender back' 'amazing figure' 'dashing curves' to be his daughter!!

Now, a question to every admirer of art, will the feelings aroused by the scenes be gone as soon as the old man notices his daughter? All the changes that occurred to him, will they be lost as soon as he notices somebody whom he can never have as his life partner?

A question to ponder is "who started it all?" Yes, I may be called mad to oppose the billion dollars and still growing art industry, but who started it? How would it be feasible that you just shed your clothes in front of thousands and let the "husband or boyfriend in real life" touch you and do everything which you perhaps would do with your husband, though its legitimate in the name of art. No wonder then the rate of divorces for the so called celebrities is as high as anything.

Would any man worth his manliness stand a lady in a body hugging t-shirt or a scene just described.

I am not being a pessimist, but will a guy ever be satisfied if he sees Nicole Kidman and then gets a wife who is nowhere near to her in looks? Same case for women, call me the worst pessimist on earth, but don't forget to ask all the admirers of art if they watched any scene like above sitting back and saying "what art!!".

Cheerleading is definitely a sport some people say. Imagine, jumping around in skimpy clothes which leave nothing to the imagination, is it sport or art or what? Will people sit back and enjoy saying "What a cheerleader and what wonderful cheering". Can cheering not be done if the skirts were a bit longer and there was no jumping? I wonder how the players concentrate on their game if they look at the people cheering them on? Maybe they don't look at the worst possible distraction at all. And, yes it's definitely a sport for people.

There is one thing to ponder about, if it's an adult movie, why enact it, ARE ADULTS NOT EXPECTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS?

These and a numerous number of questions hover around not just my mind but every person, whether willing or unwilling to accept the fact that people have been misled in the name of art. It's a topic which would definitely take up all the space this world has to offer, so I would conclude - In the name of entertainment, the most degrading , most misused but still the most accepted.