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Finger found in chilli a hoax

 article about Finger found in chilli a hoax

It seems that the statement by Anna Ayala is a hoax.  Further investigations have discovered that she did not find a severed finger in a bowl of chilli at a Wendy's restaurant.

Ayala recently submitted a complaint that she found a severed finger in her bowl of chilli.  She stated that she vomited on the discovery but staff at the restaurant  deny anyone having vomited at any time.

Now she is being charged with trying to 'fleece' the fast food chain.  Apparantly, this is not the first time Ayala has tried to obtain money by false pretenses.  She has previouly been charged with Grand Theft for allegedly falsely 'selling' her mobile home to a woman during 2002/2003 when she did not own a mobile home.

If convicted of this latest felony, Ayala could face more than six years in prison.

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