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President Chirac urges 'yes' to EU constitution

 article about President Chirac urges yes to EU constitution

French President, Jacques Chirac has urged the French to vote 'yes' to the EU constitution on a two hour television program.  83 young french people were selected to take part in the debate.  President Chirac is urging the French people to vote for the EU constitution as it will make a strong, united Europe and that is where the future lies, he stated.

President Chirac is calling a referendum instead of leaving it to parliment to decide, taking it to the people of France to make the decision.

Some French people are not sure about issue, being concerned that it could cost them their jobs, if the different regulations will affect their lifestyle.  But such issues are not touched directly by the constitution.

All 25 European unions must vote and agree for the constitution to take effect.

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