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Blizzard stops travel in Colorado

 article about Blizzard stops travel in Colorado

Blizzards delivering heavy snow stopped traffic and airtravel in Colorado on Sunday. Denver airport was closed and many roads were impossible to traverse.

Many travellers were stranded at the airport, and local accommodation was finding it difficult to keep up with the extra bookings. Those who did not manage to get a bed, slept at the airport on couches, on the floor, whereever they could find a space.  Some travellers are very frustrated with the delays as they cannot get a flight home, in some instances, for a couple of days. 

With the 'white out' conditions, truckers had to find shelter and wait out the storm. TA Truck Stop along I-70 in Wheat Ridge had as many as 300 truckers waiting for the storm to pass.

More snow is forecast and up to 30 inchces is possible in the foothills west of Denver.

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