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14 killed in al Qaeda gunbattle

 article about 14 killed in al Qaeda gunbattle

14 militants were killed after Saudi security forces stormed a walled villa in Rass, 355kms northwest of Riyadh, including top leaders of al Qaeda.  The fighting continued for three days, the longest gunbattle Saudi forces have faced in the two year campaign.

 Moroccan Kareem Altohami al-Mojati and Saudi Saud Homood Obaid al-Otaibi were among the dead, two of the men on the 'most wanted' terrorists list.

Using a loudspeaker, police demanded the villa surrender, only to receive a volley of gunfire in return. No-one escaped the villa stated  Moroccan Kareem Altohami al-Mojati and Saudi Saud Homood Obaid al-Otaibi. The security forces had fourteen members wounded.

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