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Men like women

 article about metrosexual guide
The new frighteningly ON thing in today's metropolitic urban world is
men who more and more want to be like women. Metro-sexuality is the
name of the game, ladies and gentlemen. In the last decade, the
relations between men and women have seen many differences. We saw the
triumph of feminism, there were sexual harrassment litigations, and
homophobia was a must. It all, as we say, surfaced, but it "flew over
the cuckoo's nest." Or did it?

The biggest new development in
the relations between people, but mostly between men and women, is much
feared metrosexuality. It is a brave trial on display in today's
multicltural urban society, where hetero, gay, black or white is just
another kind of normal. Society is colourful, multifaceted and
creative. Its good to see the new world order, where sex or race is not
an option anymore.

According to The New York Times,
metrosexuality features a heterosexual man who is in touch with his
feminine side and does not fear it, but embraces it. Metrosexuals
assess good haircuts, skin care products, and fashion. Due to
metrosexuals wanting to be like women, softer and delicate, the gap
between men and women has started to shrink. Today, it is easier for
men and women to communicate because they assess the same values, the
same interests, and they dont consider themselves superior to the
opposite sex. Moreover, women value slick, sensitive men who at the
same time are masculine and strong. Exceptional era for women, what
they have been awaiting since the beginning of Time.

Me a metro?

theme of metrosexuality has gained respect and attention due to the
world's full-scale turn to gayism. In today's society, homosexuality is
a surplus worn like a dress or trousers. NO woman is perfect without
her Gucci dress, Chanel 5 and gay 'boyfriend.' And no man is actually a
MAN without his skincare products, expensive haircut and knowledge of

Metrosexuality has become a social mask on which
all of the discourse in today's media forms is based. Radical feminists
want to be like men; metrosexuals, on the contrary, want to be like
women. Metrosexuality does not take to androgyny. It also provides you
an amount of hedonism.

U-turn to the previous, there are also
negative opinions about metrosexuality. Ideas that metrosexuals are
self-centered narcissists-- those who get a 'kick' from their own good
looks more than from others, those who think that attention to yourself
more than to others is primary-- are not rare, but a must in some
circles of society (plainer and lamer circles of society, I might add).
It might be like that, but for crissakes, what man who looks like David
Beckham, knows how to talk, knows women, and also has a soft, sweet
side wouldnt be an egotist? Women adore it!

Lets be honest.
Men also benefit enormously from the new social order. I am not a
metro, never will be. Not because I don't want to, but because I lack
the consistency to be a true metro. But as God is my witness,
metrosexuality has never let me go home alone from nightclubs or
shopping centers.

Enough said.

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