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Modeling: A View to Remember

 article about fashion modeling
The media and economy saturate our lives with advertisements through
all means possible. One could think ads as a two headed predator, ready
and able to engulf humanity to pray on our vanity, temptations, and
needs. We are all guilty victims, all seeking those fifteen minutes of
fame and glory or immortality.


Actually, it is not so much terrible but nostalgic
and memorable. Modeling and its constituents owe their progress and
fame to men such as Leonardo Da Vinci, whose concept of the Camera
Obscura back around 1519 gave direction to what we now know today as
modeling." One of Da Vincis works was later developed into photography,
through the efforts from men such as Robert Boyle, Angelo Sala, Johann
Heinnrich Schulze, Thomas Wedgewood, and William Henry Fox

Jessica Marie JonesTalbot. Of course, many more reputable men came along and further developed the science of photography.

Popularity and Fact

Modeling and photography are commonly related. Through the decades, the
concept grew so popular that by 1840, Talbot had made some significant
improvements. By 1844, he was able to offer a photographically
illustrated book entitled "The Pencil of Nature." In the mid-1800, the
demand for photographs exploded. Charles Baudelaire (1826-1867), a well
known poet of the period and a critic of the medium, commented:

"Our squalid society has rushed, Narcissus to a man, to gloat at its trivial image on a scrap of metal."

generation defines style and beauty through different trends and
innovations as demonstrated by a model. A model was originally simply a
subject captured on metal and later on paper. However, the keen eyed
artist would thirst for perfection in expressing his vision in a
physical image.


Around the world,
hundreds of agencies attempt to recruit people who may like to become
models and a place in the spotlight. Many agents are unscrupulous and
indiscriminant of age and values, targeting people as young as infants
with one goal in mind, business. Thousands of teens

prey, and few are discovered as the next - door - girl - turned -
model. Young people, especially females, are driven by a common dream
to become famous, successful and rich. They see the success potential
as unlimited with the proper support and guidance and the exponential
growth and demand in advertising unlimited as well.

Guidelines and norms

What modeling is about? Modeling is about three things and three things only: SELLING, SELLING AND SELLING!

First, you have to sell yourself to agents. Next, you have to sell
yourself to the clients. Then, you have to help sell clients product.
For some reason, some photographers and clients misinterpret this and
take advantage of the young novice models, hoaxing them into nude
photos, pornography, and prostitution. The claim is Sex Sells."

Many aspiring models do not take the modeling business seriously enough.

Well, actually, most young girls take the matter seriously, hopeful in learning fast and having a

The pressure that is placed on them is great; faced with the risk of
losing an opportunity, they easily fall pray of scams, only get as far
as the partly disrobed phony modeling jobs, that is best described as
soft pornography.

When you start a modeling career you are
starting a corporation under your own name. Fashion and editorial
models are tall and thin. Women are 5'8"-5'11" tall, with hips not more
than 36". Male models are 6'-6'2" tall and wear a 40 or 42 jacket.
Commercial and character, body and parts models can be any size. Plus
size modeling is a fast growing market, especially in USA.

What would you recommend for those interested on becoming a model and actress?


I think I would tell them to make sure you are doing this for the
right reasons. You have to have a passion for anything you do to do it
well. Some people do it just thinking they will become famous or rich.
Very few models or actors get that far. You have to stay focused and
positive, but always have fun with what you do.

Start with TFP's with really up and coming photographers and let your parents be involved.

She further recommends, Well, it is hard work so be expected to do a
lot work and stay in shape. And never think that you can't do it. If
you want something bad enough you work for it and you will get it.

in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to be a model?
If you are young, tall, slim and beautiful and if you have good teeth,
long neck and full lips then your modeling potential has no limits and
it is open for any market!

But if your body is not so slim, not
so tall and/or not so young, those features limit your options in your
modeling market career.

Some people think that anybody can
become a commercial model. Commercial modeling still has one very
important requirement: you must have acting talent.

I am more then a pretty face

So, ask yourself: What kind of modeling is good for me? What is my
market? What can make clients choose me to promote their collections
and product? Give yourself honest I repeat HONEST answers, and you can
avoid many problems and save a lot of time and money. And you will
never be a victim of scams.

On the opposite side of the
camera, there are people with feelings, dignity, values and emotions. A
young person willing to perform the role of a different persona as it
may be required by her clients end product needs.

Most models
have had their parents motivate their interest at early ages, some from
babies or childhood even late teen years. Many just love to have their
photos taken and enjoy being in front of the camera.

Rachel Coulter

Next week, in part two, I will share the thoughts and tribulations of some of the models.

<<< Part 2 to be continued next week >>>

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