The technological revolution has electronics manufacturers out doing each other almost on a daily basis. What is the best and fastest today will be ancient technology tomorrow. It is a global game of 'King of The Hill.' Who is the best? Who offers more for less? Who can get itdone the fastest? Electronics manufacturers are at war with one another and we reap the benefits of it and, at the same time, we are also casualties of that war.

Companies are downsizing because technology now does a job that a person once did. Good bye to the age old concept of people serving every function within a company.

Consumers demand more for less, and the only way for companies to answer that call is to stay competitive by saving money and to fatten up the bottom line. This usually means a company must reduce it's manpower as an effort to achieve this goal.

Still, with all of what today's technological advancements have to offer, there are some areas that need improving, such as the automated phone system.
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I really get annoyed with some of these systems. They bombard you with a vast array of options and menus to choose from. "If you would like to speak to a customer service representative, please press one now." Beep. "I'm sorry, but no humans work here. Please choose another option." Beep. "I'm sorry, but that option is not offered. Please try again." Beep, beep, beep... "You seem aggravated and this system isn't designed to
address that. Please call back later when you aren't so hostile."

Doesn't anyone just answer the phone anymore?

I also get annoyed with the pre-screening that some of these automated phone systems do. They ask for your phone number and when you are able to speak to a real life person, the person asks for your phone number again. What was the point in the system asking me for my phone number if it didn't do the live person any good? Should I be expecting this automated system to call me someday and say

"Hi, Mike. How's the wife and kids? If they are fine, please press one now..."

Don't you just love it when the automated phone system keeps you on hold for a lengthy amount of time. A recorded voice, finally, interrupts the elevator music and says, "Please continue to hold. We'll be with you shortly. If you would like to continue to hold, please press one now."

The voice encourages you the way a Lamaze Coach encourages a woman giving birth: "Okay. Just a little longer now. You're doing great. Breathe. Breathe. Okay, now push..."

Soon we'll all be living like the Jetsons and everything in our lives will be automated. Rosie the Robot will be serving up your favorite dish while Astro embarrasses you by licking himself in front of company. The future won't be all bad, though. You'll be able to drive a flying car to work and tell Mr. Spacely to kiss Uranus.

Well, I have kept you away long enough from all of the advancements in technology that occured while you read this article. Hell, by now a machine is probably finishing this article for me. Have a great week and keep reading The Cheers.

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