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Bush's Credo: Words To Live By

 article about Funny words to live by
I believe in George, my Father Almighty,
The rightful ruler of these United States,
And in Jeb Bush, his younger son, my bro:
I was conceived in CIA secrecy,
Born of the matriarchal Barbara
Suffered initiation by the Skulls,
Sobered up and ruled over Texas.
I wrestled with the Democratic demons,
The 35th day, the US Supreme Court ruled in my favor.
I ascended to the presidency,
Where I sit on the right hand of George, the Father Almighty,
Whence His advisors shall govern my every move.
I believe in the Florida legislature,
Avenging my Father's loss,
Frying my enemies,
Warring for oil
And the Bush dynasty everlasting.

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