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Hello readers,

THANK YOU for supporting The Cheers Magazine with your readership and responses as we developed the site from nothing to something. Now it's time to give the site a facelift for both visual appeal and content.

We have started on the visual. The look and feel should now be simpler, less cluttered. And, it should work on all browsers, and improve your reading enjoyment.

Next is the content. In the back office (behind the staff lunchroom and past the vending machine), we are hard at work preparing for the launch of our new content format - the Theme Park. The Theme Park will be the place where our editors, journalists and contributors develop stories and interesting content that matches and reflects the pulse of the world. Examples of politics, humor, art, life, movies and social comment will be presented within the theme for the month and we feel that you will appreciate how many facets of life are interwoven, regardless of subject. It's funny how something you've read recently comes up in conversation and it would be great to say that you read it on The Cheers Magazine website!

As always, we encourage your feedback. We exist because you read and enjoy what you see.

It's an exciting period in the early history of this young magazine and we want to share that excitement along with your involvement.

Theme Park launches here and arrives soon.

Be safe and well,

Peter Mac


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