Word of the day
is "Nay". Yesterday a friend of mine came to me saying that he just can't
handle it all – work and numerous incoming help requests. He's working as a
graphic designer and if you have as many friends as he does, at some point
they all need something from you – business card designs, print shop contacts,
flier designs, modifications to photos of their lovely daughter.

Well, it's good
to be good, but if you keep saying yes to everyone, you'll soon be unhappy and
stressed out and won't have any time for yourself. That's exactly what my
friend felt.

But I really
can't understand why? We all have a mouth and just to reveal an important
secret to you – it's not just for eating and talking dirty in bed.

Yes, you guessed
right, you should mainly use it for saying "nay". Just practise it first and
you'll get a hang of it. Can you help me move later today? NAY! May I ask what
are you doing the next Saturday evening, I'd need some help with my
computer....hmm, let me think...NAY!

It might sound a
bit harsh, but really, it isn't. Even your friends are human beings, working
people, they can totally understand you. If they can't, well, whose problem is

Nay! I'm not
saying you should totally ignore your friends and that you should always be
this kind of selfish bastard every time you're asked for help. Nay! The godly
purpose for this is just to keep YOU happy. And that's what we all want, even
your friends.

So if you haven't
tried it before, say nay! And now everyone together – NAY! That's more like it.