Today's Word: strenuousness

Today's word is strenuousness.
If you want to achieve ANYTHING, this is extremely necessary. Want a great
woman? Want a great business? Strenuousness and consistency are the keywords here.

I know a guy (who knows a guys whose friend's sister…nah,
just joking) who actually chased one woman over a year. Went to an island 300km
away, just to give her flowers and have a chat. Well, that lasted 5 minutes and
off back home he went. No luck, no anything. Hopeless romantic, hopeless case,
isn't it? No. Far from that. Now he is dating this same gal. They've been
together over a year now. Consistency pays off. You can see that from very few

You can even just take a look at this magazine you're
reading right now. Of course, it isn't perfect - far from that - still lots of
room for improvement. But the owner of this magazine basically started it from
scratch…just to do something, and the first months it worked only because of
one tiny bet he had with a friend of his. The prize was a beer, just a bottle
of beer. But he wanted to show he CAN keep this magazine going for at least 2
months. He did and he got the beer. Now he has kept it running over a year and
a half. It hasn't really paid off yet, but things are definitely going in the
right direction. Consistency.

Of course things take time and eventually you might fail.
But you definitely won't succeed if you won't work on it - if you just let it

It doesn't matter what we are talking about – relationships,
sports, business or anything else. The basics are everywhere the same. If you
want to succeed, you need to keep on doing it. There's no other way. All
successful people would tell you the same.