Word of the day is ATTITUDE. Every single day we pass by some
really ugly looking people. Have you ever noticed that you look exactly
like them? I'm not saying that you haven't looked in the mirror for a
while, or seen the barber in a long time. Nay. Most people look ugly
because of their attitude towards life: and that shows up without words.

So what if your wife has run away with another woman? So what if you
got wet wearing your brand new $2000 Armani suit. I mean...so what?
Does it really make your life so bad you have to look like the average
monkey in the street? Life's for living independently of what life has
spit your way. It's all about attitude!

I don't really like to
divide people into different groups, but right now I do think I have a
good reason to do that – not every day have I the chance to play God to
separate the good from the evil. Oh wait, pardon, actually, I do now
have that possibility...after Siim Einfeldt, the owner of this magazine
has given me the chance to do just that.

Okay, I do admit I
will be a guy calling names. Some are people who think they can and
others think they can't, for some foolish reason. And the painful
(right?) truth is that only a handful of people think they can.

People who can You must be not from around here if you don't know
Donald Trump, one of the richest men in the world. I recently happened
to read one of his articles; you can only guess what it was about.
Attitude. If you want to succeed in your life, it doesn't matter if we
talk about your non-existent personal life or wannabe business
ventures, you need to be optimistic, don't let others tell you that you
can't do something you can. Only keep your thoughts real. You can't
become the president of the United States if you're 22, live in Cuba
and want to do it all overnight. Yes...you can try a revolution...but
do you really wanna go that road?

Or take Bill Gates – he
thought he could, in some way thinks he still he can (what a weirdo,
right? Nay!). He doesn't care that half of the world is saying he sells
crap. Do you think "Kill Bill" just happened to be "Kill Bill" not
"Kill Andrew"? No. And no, Bill doesn't care, he still does what he
believes in, and the bugs in Windows, they will never get fixed – after
all, Bill believes in himself. And why shouldn't he – half of the world
is buying his products one way or another. Creepy, I know.

People who can't Are you one of them? Do you think you can't achieve
something in your life because you're too old, too young, too stupid,
too...something? You are? I think it's time for a change. People who
think they can't ... can't. Just because they think this way. And they
can never be as happy as they could be. The roads aren't open for them,
they're half-dead already, in their early twenties (was I talking about
You? Sorry...).

Do you want to be that guy in the back corner
of the nightclub (or worse yet, alone in your home) or do you want to
be successful (whatever that word means to you)?

It's your choice and only you can answer this question.

I have tried both approaches myself. Sitting in my apartment, thinking
what a screw-up I am, or have been in the past. Believe me, it's not
worth it. What do you really get from it? I have also tried to be
optimistic at all times. Believe me (again, yep...sorry), it's worth a
shot...or two – take everything as a challenge that you're ready to go
after. I know constant optimism and smiling isn't easy to achieve, but
with lots of work and positive thinking – that's what life is all
about. Attitude, it's all about ATTITUDE.

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