Jessica Biel has been voted the “cleanest” female celebrity    2007-12-10 05:32:16    

Jessica Biel, irlfriend of Justin Timberlake, was named the most healthy-living star by SoCal Cleanse Detox users, while Amy Winehouse was voted the “dirtiest” and most unhealthy.
‘The Illusionist’ actress and girlfriend of Justin Timberlake was named the most healthy-living star by SoCal Cleanse Detox users, while Amy Winehouse was voted the “dirtiest” and most unhealthy.

While Jessica, 26, walked away with the SoCal Cleanse Cleanest Celebrity Award for the women, David Beckham won the award for the healthiest male star.

Pamela Anderson’s rocker ex-husband Tommy Lee was voted “dirtiest” male, with 45 per cent of the vote, and recovering alcoholic David Hasselhoff was chosen as the second unhealthiest celebrity with 22 per cent of the vote.

‘Rehab’ singer Amy, 23, who is currently battling drink and drug addiction received a huge 47 per cent of the vote to be chosen as the most unhealthy female star.

She has won the offer of a 12-month supply of SoCal Cleanse Detox Formula - a detox supplement - and a Detox Lifestyle Makeover with Detox and Fitness Expert Cynthia Lea.

SoCal Cleanse Cleanest Celebrity Awards:

Cleanest female celebrities
1. Jessica Biel - 35 per cent
2. Carrie Underwood (‘American Idol’ winner) - 22 per cent
3. Rachel Bilson - 20 per cent
4. Jessica Alba - 16 per cent
5. Tyra Banks - 7 per cent

Dirtiest female celebrities
1. Amy Winehouse - 47 per cent
2. Paris Hilton - 21 per cent
3. Tara Reid - 16 per cent
4. Courtney Love - 13 per cent
5. Heidi Montag (‘The Hills’ actress) - 3 per cent

Cleanest Male celebrities
1. David Beckham - 28 per cent
2. Matt Damon - 26 per cent
3. Jake Gyllenhaal - 18 per cent
4. Matthew McConaughey - 16 per cent
5. Zac Efron (‘High School Musical’ actor) - 12 per cent

Dirtiest Male celebrities
1. Tommy Lee - 45 per cent
2. David Hasselhoff - 22 per cent
3. Vince Vaughn - 18 per cent
4. Keifer Sutherland - 11 per cent
5. Jonathan Rhys Myers - 4 per cent

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