One good pest problem can be the undoing of a restaurant. Nothing quells the appetite more than the site of a rodent or roach frittering about while people try to eat. If you are serious about operating any kind of eatery, pest control is paramount to your success. You want to keep your kitchen clean, take the trash out regularly, and use preventive measures, but you also want regular spraying. Pests can infest without warning despite your best efforts, and the best way to protect yourself is to use trained professionals to do it. Of course, these professionals need to be reliable or the whole ordeal is moot. Here are the necessary steps you should take when finding pest control for your restaurant.

Ratings and Reviews

Hiring pest control is a group decision. You should always follow the crowd as this crowd has already received service from the companies you are looking at. If you want to truly know if a company is reliable just look at its customer base. If they are unhappy, run without hesitation for the door.

A reliable and trustworthy pest control service has high ratings and reviews to back it up. So take a look at what those ratings and reviews are. If they are poor, then the company is not worth your time. If they are positive, then you can expect similar treatment.

Although your friends and family are the best places to hunt for recommendations, you should always vet the company online as well. A simple search for Riverside pest control, for example, will help you find a great service provider, Moxie Pest Control.

Perform a Background Check

Pest control concerns safety, health, and also uses lots of chemicals. This is why when looking at any service, you need to check its credentials and its background. Honest companies will have licensing, permits, and proper insurance proudly displayed on their website. Either that or it will be easily attainable. Unreliable companies make such information hard to find because they do not have it. Working with an unlicensed company is a huge risk. If your property is damaged, you get injured, or the contractor is hurt, you could be found liable.

You also want to look at a company's background as well. Be wary of services that have a host of formal complaints filed against them. These complaints can be from consumers, watchdogs, or regulatory services. A good company should have a clean record. There may be a few complaints on there but they should be minimal and rare occurrences.


Pest control services deal with a lot of different scenarios. Mostly, these situations revolve around the type of pests that are being dealt with. You handle termites differently than spiders. However, some of these scenarios also deal with the type of institution they are servicing. There is a difference between residential and commercial. If you own a restaurant, you want to hire a service that can treat your specific pest and accommodate your specific setting. In this way, you can earn a positive reputation for your signature dish.


If you want to ensure the job is done right go with experience. An experienced contractor carries less risk and a higher chance of completing projects successfully the first time. Experienced pest control technicians have gained practical knowledge from their years of application. They know how to handle problems that arise, and also know some tricks to providing better service. They also do not make fundamental mistakes newer hires do.

Work Ethic

The final step in choosing reliable pest control is the part where you actually contact them. Reliable businesses conduct themselves as professionals. They treat their clients well and strive to provide the best service possible. Key things to look for are the way they conduct themselves, the appearance of their office, general manner towards customers, and how they approach a quote. Companies that put price over service do not even care about the job. They start talking quotes before even looking at your restaurant. Good services offer free estimates and do not quote until they appraise the situation. If they are rude and dismissal towards you, that is another warning sign. Good service values its customers and sees them as more than a wallet.