Seasoned gamblers thoroughly examine Return to Player Percentages in both virtual and real gaming houses before playing. Everyone entering a casino hopes for a win after all.

Usually, returns from online gaming clubs are higher than from their real counterparts, because the flow of customers is bigger and they don't have additional expenditures such as rent or salary to their staff. Besides, virtual gaming houses commonly offer a better assortment of slot machines and games. Just check full online casino list yourself!

What is RTP
Return to Player ratio is one of the essential factors in gambling, often neglected by newcomers. The RTP shows you how much of the money players wagered is returned to them in the long term.

But keep in mind: online gaming houses do not always show precise information about these returns. Thus, you should go about picking a gaming house carefully and maybe play for virtual credits instead of real money at first.

RTP is calculated over a long term
The higher RTP of a game Ė the higher winning chances. Basically, if a game has 97% RTP, that means if you wager $100 on it you can expect to win only $97, right? But that would make no sense. The whole point of casino gaming is that you always hope to win more than you wager.

That's why it is important to realise, that RTP means return percentages in a long term. So over a long period of time, you will return only 93-97% of the money you spent on wages, depending on your favourite gaming houses and games you prefer to play. Sure, the casino makes a profit in a long term, but it doesn't mean you can't win more in a short term. You should hope for more, but be prepared to lose too.

Games with best Returns
Before you start playing at a gaming house it's a good idea to come up with a clear plan. If you want to end up winning more, you may want to choose entertainment with maximum payback and minimal house edge. From that point of view, the list of most profitable games includes blackjack, video poker and roulette variation with only one "zero" sector.

Blackjack is one the most popular game among thrill lovers because it offers fantastic paybacks. Besides, in blackjack, it is possible to affect the outcome of the game by using basic strategies.

Video poker is also a viable option as it provides gamblers with the opportunity to change any amount of cards to attain desirable combination.

In regard to a roulette, this game may have two "zero" sectors. It is essential to know, that roulette with two "zero" sectors means higher house edge. When the ball stops at "green sector" ("zero") player automatically loses. One "zero" sector cut losing chances in half. Summary, successful gaming highly depends on chosen game's RTP, so if you want to win more you may prefer these three or any other games with higher RTP value. Gamble smartly and good luck!