Open a browser, type in 'dating', and you'll be inundated by literally hundreds of thousands of websites dedicated to connecting people in a dating situation to one another. Go to a chatroom and there will be people ready to hook up either for serious relationships or just a quick one. It's a fact that in today's world, relationships mean business and millions of dollars exchange hands just to connect people. Heck, even the seemingly innocent social networking sites that people visit every day work in the same way.

And it's surprising that this has been around for more than a decade!

You see, most people were afraid to be judged by their actions in the past when it came to relationships, so most of these transactions were done discretely. That's not to say that it does not happen today! But today, relationships have branched out to several factions and it is becoming the norm.

This is a good thing as people are becoming more open to the uniqueness of characteristics every person has. Therefore the pre-judgement that used to happen in the past regarding sexuality and preference has diminished greatly.

Nowadays it's quite normal to see two guys or two girls in a relationship and their surrounding people unaffected by what was deemed in the past as an abnormal union.
Businesses who specialize in linking two or more people in a relationship understand this and take all steps necessary to make it as accessible and effortless as possible. So two people can literally be connected even if they are separated by a million miles with just a few personal information and a few clicks! This is a very large customer base and is almost infinite in number, after all, every day millions of people turn 18 and are deemed legal adults who can sign up for these dating sites.

In some ways, relationships offer a window to broader culture at a particular point in time.

said Mick McCabe from advertising agency Leo Burnett. The agency has just unveiled Humans Being Relationships, an online platform that offers research findings, cultural analysis, interviews with experts as well as conversations with real people about the state of relationships in 2014. You can learn more about it all at humansbeing.leoburnett.com.

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