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Across the City: Save on property rents in London

 article about Across the City: Save on property rents in London
It can often be difficult to try and nab prime office space to let in London and its surrounding boroughs. With sites in Mayfair, Bank and St James' Park all coming with hefty price tags, there are some ways to get around this problem. If you want your business to thrive in the capital city, you should consider these districts which offer great networking opportunities, prime properties and low rental rates.

Mayfair to Marylebone
London is one of the most expensive office cities in the world, and so it is not surprising that the leafy exclusivity of Mayfair will set you back a fair bit. This area may be the buzzing place to be when it comes being seen in the right circles and ensuring you are client-facing, but there are a wealth of other serviced offices in other districts.

One such area is Marylebone, a region in central London and Travel Zone one. The area has great transport links, with its own tube station and it being bordered by Oxford Street, Edgware Road and Portland Place. Once named after the St Marylebone Parish Church, it is now a central hub for businesses, offices and shops. The Royal Academy of Music is located on Marylebone Road, while Harley Street is of course famed for its medical and dental offices.

Bank to Mansion House
Even though Mansion House is also served by the Bank tube station, it may be worth considering this nifty area, which is also naturally home to the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London. This area is usually where all the official functions will take place, such as the Lord Mayor's annual dinner where the Mansion House Speech is given by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and various Guildhall events. Basically, this is where you want your business to be without having to fork out lofty rents.

St James' Park to Soho
A quick stroll through Soho will simply show you just how many start-up media companies have set up shop here. Long established as an entertainment district, gaining a reputation for a raucous nightlife during the 20th century, this area has seen major redevelopment and regeneration projects over the past 30 years. If you are in the fashion, arts, or media field, this is the place to head to.

By aiming to avoid the high rents in other areas, this multicultural area will cater to all, whether it's the rich or poor, being right next to Chinatown, or also now being the main LGBT village for the capital city. Why is all of this important? Well, your diverse workforce will be happy to work in such an area and your balance sheets will also thank you for it.

Kensington to Bayswater
Kensington may offer snazzy homes and pristine streets, but Bayswater offers the same quality of life for lower costs. Located in the city of Westminster, around three miles north-west of Charing Cross, the nearby Hyde Park offers green surroundings and luxurious hotels.

This area also is probably one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the capital city, with a diverse local population of Arabs, Greeks, Brazilians and even Americans. With lush garden squares and attractive streets lined with Victorian stucco terraces, what more do you need to establish your business?

The next time you are looking to expand your firm in London, consider the less obvious areas. It may just save you a fortune.

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