One in five Brit pupils drinking six pints a week    2008-07-18 07:41:52    

London, July 18 : Most of the schoolchildren in Britain are downing six pints of beer a week, shows an official report.
Most of the schoolchildren in Britain are downing six pints of beer a week, shows an official report.

The report published by the NHS Information Centre reveals that one in five 11 to 15-year-olds in England - 640,000 school pupils - had drunk alcohol in the past week.

The study found that the average amount consumed by teenagers who had drunk recently was 12.7 units a week, equivalent to six pints of beer or almost a bottle and a half of wine.

The shocking report also disclosed that a quarter of children have taken drugs at least once, and that one in three have smoked cigarettes.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has paved the way for a ban on anyone under 21 buying alcohol in some parts of the city to tackle the crime and antisocial behaviour linked to binge drinking.

"Where we have got particular problems in particular areas, off-licences and supermarkets should stop the sale of alcohol to the under-21s," Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrats' Shadow Health Secretary, added: "These are shocking figures, reflecting a culture where binge-drinking is truly out of control.

"A child drinking an average of six pints a week is likely to suffer dreadful health consequences later in life." (ANI)
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