Granny grenade    2008-03-25 10:57:04    

A Russian police station was evacuated after a 67-year-old woman walked in carrying a bag full of grenades.

Irene Fedorova entered the Orengburg Region's police station in Urals, and told officers she wanted to make use of the arms amnesty by getting rid of weapons her late husband had kept under the bed.

When officers examined the F-1 and RGD-5 grenades, they found two of them had faulty pins and could have detonated at any moment, and cleared the building.

She said: "I read they were disposing of weapons and thought it was a good idea. I was sorry to have caused such a fuss - perhaps next time they should offer a collection service." A spokesman said: "Anyone within 10 feet would be killed if they had gone off."

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