Charles Webb pens 'Graduate' sequel    2008-01-08 05:44:01    

New York, Jan 8: Author Charles Webb is back with the sequel of his famous book 'The Graduate'.
Author Charles Webb is back with the sequel of his famous book 'The Graduate'.

The sequel titled 'Home School' comes after 40 years revolving around Benjamin and Elaine fighting the authorities in Westchester County for the right to teach their children at home. Benjamin becomes so desperate he reaches out to the one person they've moved across county to avoid - the boys' grandmother, Mrs. Robinson.

"A lot of the pressure was external. People would always ask, 'What happened? What happened?' Well, how would I know?" New York Daily News quoted Webb as saying.

The author revealed that all the characters of the novel came back easily as soon as he started smoking again.

"I finally settled down to do it and unfortunately it had the side effect of smoking, which I did when I wrote the original."

"To get back into the voice, for some reason that drug was needed to trigger something in my brain. That was the price I had to pay," he added.

The 68-year-old writer also saw a number of ups and downs in his life during these 40 years.

He home-schooled his two sons when the practice was controversial and, in California, where the Webbs lived, illegal. The opposition sent the family on the run. At one point Webb managed a nudist camp.

Then the family lived in a van for some time before fleeing to England. (ANI)
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