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Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares

 article about Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares
2017-02-24 04:11:14
Low cost airline Norwegian is planning to start offering transatlantic flights with ticket prices starting at just $65 one way.

Norwegian is planning to start flying on 10 new routes between United States and Europe starting from mid June 2017.

Considering the current lowest prices, the $65 price tag will definitely be a huge selling point, independent of the fact that the number of seats with that price will be extremely limited. Next tier of prices will be sold at $99, and the rest at higher prices. However, compared the prices other companies are currently offering, Norwegian will be a market changer.

Norwegian Air spokesman Anders Lindström said that "I pay for what I want, you pay for what you want. We don't pay for what everybody else on the plane wants."

Norwegian will be flying from and to Edinburgh, Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Shannon and New York state, Providence, Rhode Island, and Hartford, Connecticut.

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Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares

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Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares

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Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares

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Norwegian to offer $65 transatlantic fares

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