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Top 2014 Events in Kuwait

 article about Top 2014 Events in Kuwait
2013-12-19 17:05:11
Kuwait City is a vibrant, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and immaculate metropolis that has made significant strides of late to bolster tourism. By the looks of it, 2014 will be a banner year for the city and, indeed, Kuwait as a whole.

With that, discover some of the top events to take in and see in Kuwait in 2014.

Autumn Perfume Exhibition

December 25, 2013 - January 4, 2014

It may start in 2013 but the Autumn Perfume Exhibition is the first big event of 2014 in Kuwait. The trade show kicks the year off on a heady note, as ancient oils and cents from the Arabian Gulf merge with the world of modern cosmetics.

Horeca Kuwait 2014

January 27-29

This food and hospitality industry conference at one of Kuwait's premier luxury resorts is the pinnacle culinary event of the year. The 2013 Horeca conference featured events such as live mezze competitions, chocolate and dessert competitions, sandwich competitions, and a tea sommelier competition. For industry people and gourmets alike, a must-attend event.

Hala February Festival
Hala February Festival is an annual event that takes place in Kuwait in the month of - wait for it- February. The festival is put on by the government of Kuwait City and culminates on National Day and Liberation Day on February 25 and 26, respectively. Hala is known in the country as the ‘Mother of all Festivals.'

Kuwait Yacht Show

February 3-7
Kuwait City is, in many respects, a nautical and maritime capital. The Kuwait Yacht Show, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, draws yachts, marine equipment and other nautical elements and manufacturers together for several days of events at Marina Crescent, Kuwait City.

Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition

March 18-20

As healthcare costs skyrocket and quality of hospital care plummets in some parts of the world, those who can afford to seek medical expertise elsewhere do so on a more frequent basis. Kuwait City is one such target. The 2014 Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition will address and tackle some of the principal issues at hand with more than 200 delegates, over 100 exhibitors, thousands of potential consumers, and industry leaders from over 20 countries.

IFAF U-19 World Championship

July 4-15

The International Federation of American Football will put on the under 19 World Championship in Kuwait in July. Current champion Canada will look to hold on to the IFAF crown. The event seeks to disseminate the popularity of the sport outside of the United States of America and, in general, North America.

International Arabian Horse Festival

March 13-18

Equine lovers will flock to the Bait Al Arab Arabian Horse Center Safat in March for the third annual International Arabian Horse Festival. The event for breeders, owners and the public at large includes stud visits to the major private farms in Kuwait and a day at the Arabian Horse Center with a show of Al Arab Stud and Bait Al Arab horses.

International Gold & Jewellery Exhibition

April 21-26

This foremost tribute to bling and shiny baubles is a popular mainstay on the Kuwait calendar. The 11th edition of the International Gold & Jewelry Exhibition will host a major display of creative talent and offer glimpses at new industry developments. The place to be to get a sense of contemporary designs in the costume and fashion jewellery realms, as well as gems, watches and more.

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