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How to Explore Europe for Less: Ten Tips

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2013-10-18 06:14:51
A holiday in Europe doesn't have to break the bank and with a bit of planning and research you‘ll be able to have the cheapest and most adventurous holiday ever, whichever country you visit.

1. Transport
Hotels in Europe are competitively priced and an online search will be able to reveal available discounts. If you're planning to travel around any of the major cities get a weekly ticket rather than buying transport tickets on a daily basis. Always book your train tickets in advance, either online or from a major station as tickets bought on the day of travel can be expensive.

2. Luggage
The trains in Europe are generally the easiest way to get around. Italy, in particular, has a great, reliable train service and the tickets are cheap. Whatever form of travel you choose, try to avoid taking bulky suitcases that you may struggle to move easily with. If you're flying to Italy, for example, only take what you really need. No one likes paying excess baggage costs and most of the hotels Rome Italy will provide basic toiletries.

3. Food
Wander around the local markets and sample the very best of their wares. This applies to most European cities. A roast pork roll with apple sauce in the UK can become a tasty pizza slice in Naples.

4. Guides
Look out for the unexpected. Most European cities have a weekly or daily English language magazine for ex-pat residents and these will always have some good tips for interesting and cheap entertainment.

5. Museums
If you're going to visit multiple museums or art galleries then get a block ticket. Buying individual tickets is unnecessary and a lot more expensive.

6. Theatres
See if you can buy theatre ticket returns on the actual day of the performance. Most theatres hold back a few tickets for sale at the last possible moment and that's true all over Europe.

7. Parks
Parks are free. The Jardins de Luxembourg in Paris is probably one of the most beautiful ‘al fresco' lunch venues in the city; just visit some local delis and have a wonderfully cheap meal in the fresh air.

8. Bars
If you're adventurous, pop into the local university and see where the students go and drink. These bars are usually great fun and may lead to contacts that can help you with your economy drive.

Anywhere that advertises itself as a Mecca for tourists is inadvisable.

9. Language
Try and pick up a few words of the local language online before you take your trip. You'll be able to talk to the locals and discover the best open-air cinemas, the free concerts and all the other events that are part and parcel of European life. With so much information available online, you don't have to spend money on dictionaries to get by – just print off some information and keep it in your bag.

10. Churches
Choral practices, beautiful artwork and a calming atmosphere - one of the cheapest ways to enjoy all of this and unwind at the same time is to pop into a local church. You don't even have to be religious, just make sure you show respect for those who are and are visiting the church to worship.

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