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Saving Money for Motorcycling

 article about Saving Money for Motorcycling
2013-07-30 03:53:48
Have you dreamt of owning your own motorcycle ever since you were a kid? Cars are all very well and good, but there's something particularly cool about bikes. Whether you're a 50 year-old Harley Davidson lover or a 20 year-old speed freak, you can take off into the sunset, knowing that it isn't costing you a fortune.

Why buy a brand new bike when you can get a pristine, second-hand specimen for a fraction of the price? Know how much money you're willing to spend and don't budge. Of course, this means you'll have to do your homework, but don't be afraid to walk away, if you feel like you're being ripped off. Try to bring down the sale price to an amount that you can afford.

To get the best deal, buy a bike that's a few years old. As time ticks by, the model will lose value, but it won't stop being a fantastic bike. If you plan to resell your bike, don't wait for more than a year, to minimise your loss. New and fashionable models carry the heaviest prices.

Despite the drop in value, the significance of having cash in the first place is paramount, so by getting a guaranteed savings plan, it will help prevent any unnecessary spending

Although you may think it's simple to just renew your insurance and get it over with, always go online and compare insurance deals. You could save yourself hundreds of pounds!

If you want to bring your premiums down lower, go on an advanced motorcycle riding course or consider a bog standard two-wheeler; not a sports bike. Sports bikes are considered high-risk vehicles by insurance companies, regardless of the rider's credentials.

Not all motorbikes are made equal and certain models have parts that are hard to come by. Choose a motorcycle that is cheap to fix, so you don't have to shell out for exorbitantly expensive part replacements, if something goes wrong. There's nothing quite as depressing as a vehicle that is constant need of expensive attention.

Cash In
So you want to update your old riding gear? Don't just chuck the leathers in the bin. Sell them on eBay to recover a bit of cash. You might be surprised at how much money you can make.

No Offences
Other than endangering the lives of others, speeding on your motorbike will seriously bump up your insurance premiums and it's likely that you'll have to pay a fine. If you get caught, be polite and ask for the camera's calibration details, as well as photographic evidence that you were speeding. If you were arrested for driving under the influence, contact a drink driving solicitor in your local area.

Join A Club
Not only do you get to hang out with people that have a similar interest to you, but joining a motorbike club means that you can get great discounts on your purchases. You can also get the inside scoop on fantastic deals.

Cap Your Miles
Are you a weekend rider? Make it clear that you only ride your bike sporadically and that it's off the road most of the time. If you agree to a mileage cap, your insurance company may be able to give you a better deal.

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