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City Life and Laid-Back Turkey

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2013-06-13 10:51:44
Looking for a perfect get-away this summer? Turkey has a lot to offer! If you love the city streets and the sky scrapers or enjoy the country roads and the wild; if you are going solo, with friends, family and loved ones, Turkey is just the perfect get-away.

Turkey, a country of diverse culture, is one destination every traveler would want to be. The culture is a mixture of its history and of western influence. The diversity of culture is evident in its architecture where buildings represent the different cultures. The sites are rich both in ancient and modern times. Whether in the busy streets of Istanbul, back-packing or enjoying the beach, this is one country where modern life mixes with ancient history.

 article about travel turkey
The former Church of the Myrelaion( today mosque of Bodrum) in Istanbul
City Life:
Ranked as one of the largest cities, Istanbul offers a lot from dining, shopping, night life. Turkey takes pride in its shopping malls. Whether it is for the fun of shopping or the pleasure of dining, the malls just never cease to awe and inspire. The Grand Bazaar, an open air market, is one of the world's oldest markets and a must-visit place. This market depicts the vibrant city and the rural areas as well. It gives the impression of a modern yet historical Turkey where products of East and West meet.

Restaurants abound in the city and the famous are the Turkish cuisine and seafood restaurants. Foreign cuisines have invaded the country as well and so have wine houses and bars.

 article about travel turkey
The ancient buildings of Turkey stand proud with its modern counterparts. Reflecting the history of the country are the mosques, temples and fortresses, stores and theatres. Hagia Sophia, is one of the oldest buildings in Istanbul. Originally built as a church, this is now a museum, the building itself a reflection of Turkey's past.

Accommodation in this part of the world is not a problem. From the posh hotels of Istanbul to the small hotels and inns in the countryside, you can always find yourself a place to stay depending on your needs and lifestyle. Hotel Industry in Turkey is said to be at par with their counterparts in this business. As such, any traveler would not be in trouble looking for a place to stay. Reservations are always available online and as in every business catering to the need of its visitor, hotel service in Turkey is undeniably a part of a great experience.
 article about travel turkey

Laid-Back Turkey:
Away from the busy streets of Istanbul, a glimpse of rural life beckons further north. Due to the country's varied landscapes, Turkey boasts of places for adventure and fun. Exploring the "roads less travelled", spectacular landscapes are best admired when you go cycling, horse-riding or hiking. Rows of farm houses are a contradiction of busy Istanbul. These are the best places to explore and the wonders of the country just never cease to amaze.

A simple laid-back vacation, perfect for the family, the beach gives you the perfect relaxation. Patara, is one of the best beaches in Southern Turkey. Unlike other beaches, this one is not overcrowded, thus providing the perfect relaxation. For those who love to swim, kayak or snorkel, the Ceramic Gulf is one to place to discover as well.

Turkey has all that any traveler would ever need. The beauty of the place compliments its history, culture and the people.

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