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Tips to ensure planning a holiday doesn't get expensive

 article about Tips to ensure planning a holiday doesnt get expensive
2013-05-25 00:56:40
Whether you're a frequent flier or take a holiday once a year, everyone likes a good deal. Saving a little money along the way means more to spend on holiday.
So whether you are going roaming in Rome or planning to go on Safari, these tips will help you save some precious bucks.

1. Find a cheap overseas spending card.
Most cards will charge an extra 3% on exchange rates. Finding a specialist card will get you better rates than a forex bureau. Applying for '0% balance transfer' credit cards can help to ease the load too.

2. Instead of a posh hotel, look for a posh Villa.
Fighting for Sun- loungers and having to wait for a table to open up gets tiring. If you are travelling as a group, or a family, you save thousands on accommodation. Use a reputable site so you don't get cheated.

3. Free flights, great discounts and air miles.
Credit cards offer all sorts of gifts. Having the right card in your pocket could be the difference between super savings and crazy spending.

4. Find a Package holiday.
If you are going to a traditional holiday destination, find a package holiday that suits your needs. These are usually all inclusive and give you the added benefit of having a few people from your Country to share the experience with.

5. Wear your luggage!
Stowing luggage means extra expenses. Most airlines have a free 10kg allowance. You can wear your heavy shoes and keep your jacket with you. Try not to pack all your belongings, it's just a holiday.

6. Don't wait till you get to the airport to get foreign cash.
Airports usually have the worst rates. Browse around and find the best rates before you leave.

7. Don't trust the hotel star system
The rating system is not standardized. In most cases, it is just an indicator of facilities available. 5* may be a hole in the wall with a swimming pool and conference facilities. Stars mean different things in different countries. A 2* hotel may end up being loads nicer than a 5* one.

8. Liquids, not food is banned through airport security.
Budget airlines make money by selling snacks on the plane. A $10 pie is hardly worth it considering you can buy cheaper snacks at your local supermarket. Start your holiday by having a picnic at 30,000 feet.

9. Don't pay airport prices for travel accessories
Adaptors, chargers and other accessories cost more at the airport. Browse the internet to find country specifications, then purchase them at the supermarket.

10. Grab the best plane seats.
Try to book your flights early to find the best seats before they sell out.
If you're using a budget airline that does not assign seats, get there early and lurk at the boarding entrance so you can dash in quickly to get a great seat.

11. Turn off mobile 3G and data roaming to avoid shock charges.
Using your phone abroad could lead to a heart attack when you get home and receive your Bill. The simplest way to avoid this is to leave it at home. If this is unthinkable, use the net at Wi-Fi spots only.

12. Don't get stung by extra luggage fees on the way back.
To prevent you having to leave your carefully chosen souvenirs at the airport, leave space for your "coming home" gifts when you pack. Failing to do this will mean extra charges.

Holidays don't have to be expensive. With a little planning and the right cards in your pocket, stress free is what you will be on your holiday without going broke.

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