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Turkish delight

 article about Turkish delight
2013-05-02 04:46:06
Some holiday destinations have it all. Sun, sea, cocktails, excursions, great food, night-life - perfect!

Turkey's south coast is packed full of fantastic beach resorts, and one of my favourites is Marmaris. Around a two hours' transfer from Dalaman Airport, Marmaris is perfectly situated to explore the beautiful surrounding area, with plenty in resort to keep even the most fidgety tourist happy.

The two hours' transfer is the main downside, but this is true of most resorts in Turkey. There are many cheap flights heading over to Dalaman nowadays, and you can cut costs even more by pre-booking great value airport extras, like Stansted Airport parking with You'll not only save money but also save your stress levels. A lot of flights heading to Turkey tend to be night flights, if not going out there, then certainly coming back, and I've found the convenience of having my car there ready for me really is a godsend. Most large UK airports offer a range of good services but Holiday Extras offer Heathrow parking at such great rates you'd be better checking with them first, saving you even more.

Back in Marmaris, and the one place I'd be heading straight for? The beach. Marmaris beach isn't the best in the world, but it does what it says on the tin, and it's great for water-sports and a good old chill out. The beach is quite narrow compared to some, so if you want a better beach, head to the next resort on, called Icmeler. A regular dolmus, or mini bus, runs the length of the main streets regularly and is very cheap. Just shout when you want to get off, and hold your arm out to hail one – easy!

Excursions are a must do, as not only is there lots to see, but they're quite cheap too. Haggle your price from the street vendors, rather than booking through your travel agent, as you'll find the same trip for half the price. If you're booking more than one through the same vendor, you'll often find you get a heavy discount too. There are lots of excursion choices, including jeep safari, boat trips and Turkish bath, but one trip I love is the Dalyan mud baths. Not only do you get a trip to the mud baths themselves, reputed to have anti-ageing properties, but you get a trip down the Dalyan River too, passing the famous King's tombs, and a few hours at Turtle Beach, with lunch included. It's a great value, full day out.

Shopping on the bazaar is something that has to be done. Haggling is a skill, but it's one that can be learnt and it's expected on the markets and bazaars. It's easy, just get a starting price and barter from there - it's fun and you'll come away with some real bargains!

Night-life in Marmaris varied. If you want a quiet meal with a nice glass of wine, then head to the marina, where you'll find more upmarket restaurants, as well as some cheaper, quieter alternatives. The beach-front is great for couples, groups and families, with bright, varied entertainment and great food. However, I'd highly recommend heading to a traditional Turkish restaurant, where the food is delicious, cheap and plentiful. After you've lined your stomach, if you want to party, head to bar street where you can dance ‘til dawn.

A holiday to Marmaris won't break the bank, as there are many ways you can budget, such as drinks offers and being choosey where you eat. Of course, remember my tip of airport parking from, and you'll have more Lira to go away with before you even start!

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