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Visit the Best Vineyards in Europe

 article about Visit the Best Vineyards in Europe
2013-05-01 12:19:27
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It is common knowledge that Europe is home to some of the best wine producing vineyards in the world. It is an extraordinarily satisfying experience to actually visit a vineyard, see how wine is produced and taste the best they have to offer. Wines from many European countries are widely popular all over the world, which is a testament to the quality of the vineyards that produce these wines. Some of the best vineyards are:

Miguel Torres, Spain
Torres is one of the most recognised names in Spanish wine, and is UK's leading wine brand. Since the 17th century, Torres family has been dedicated to wine growing business in the native land of Penedes. The traditional secret of the wine production has been passed down from father to son.

Torres vineyard was named "Vineyard of the Year" in 2006 by Wine Enthusiast and Miguel Torres was voted "Man of the Year" in 2002 by Decanter. In 1993, Torres expanded the business to California where a vineyard of 25-hectare area was acquired.

Ca'Marcanda, Italy
Angelo Gaja is an outstanding Italian winegrowing name, which is equally recognisable in international market as well.

Angelo Gaja is not just a winemaker, rather is salesman himself and one of the biggest wine merchants in Europe. His newest acquisition in the Tuscan Maremma is the Ca'Marcanda vineyard, which is one of the most interesting wine projects of this year.

Gaja's goal is to not just plant grapes from all over the world, but also to produce a remarkable local wine that is the product of his local territory.

Knipser, Germany
Knipser's name first appeared on the menu in Germany in 1987, and since then, has spread all over the Europe. Werner Knipser, along with his brother Volker, is the biggest German red wine producer today.

Because of the vineyard's success story of red wine, it is often forgotten that it also produces good quality white wine. Knipser uses his knowledge and passion for experimenting to come up with different varieties. When French white wine became illegal in Germany, Knipser replaced the French Chardonnay by planting 2700 stabs of Cabernet Sauvignon, ahead of time. This clever move was heralded as a milestone in the wine history of Germany.

Tibor Gál, Hungary
Tabor Gal was one of the most celebrated winemakers of Europe who died in a car accident in 2005. After years of successful winemaking in Tuscany, he returned to Hungary in early nineties to bring back the Hungarian winemaking tradition. He built his own vineyard in Eger, located in the northeast of the country. He tirelessly created a ruby red wine after years of experimentation, and named it after a fellow Hungarian composer, Bartok.

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