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2009-09-17 03:03:43

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After an incident with one of its aircraft at Bangkok, whereby passengers has to sit in the aircraft on the tarmac without airconditioning and food for 3 hours 40 minutes, I have decided to issue a 'no fly' warning on Qantas subsidiary Jetstar.

This latest incident is just the latest in a series of incidents in relation to the airline going back a number of years.

People have had to find their own way out of an airport hundreds of miles away from their schedule destinations, passengers have been left stranded in the middle of the night without alternatives being provided by the airline, aircraft have been delayed for hours without proper warnings and advisories being provided and the list goes on and on and on going back a few years.

The 'no fly' recommendation is effective immediately and will remain valid until further notice and until otherwise advised.

Recommendation: Do not fly with this airline. It has proven to be unreliable and therefore travelling with this airline is not good value for money.

Henk Luf

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