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Exploring The History Of Online Chat Rooms

 article about history of chat rooms
2017-12-06 02:40:33
The Internet has changed significantly over the past few years. Today, the Internet is more accessible and more convenient than ever before. In the past, this wasn't the case. Few people had access to the Internet and dial-up was very slow. Nevertheless, the Internet was still fun even in those days. Even with a dial-up connection, consumers were able to gain access to the World Wide Web and take advantage of numerous chat programs. Online chat has definitely changed over the years. Let's explore a brief history together.

The First Introduction
The first online chat system, Talkomatic, was created by David R. Woolley and Doug Brown in 1973. The system was only available on the PLATO System on the campus of the University of Illinois. The system was very basic. It included several channels, with each being able to accommodate five people. Messages disappeared on the screen as soon as the user typed them out. Despite being so simplistic, the platform was very popular among PLATO users in the 1980s.

In 2014, the duo released a web-based version of the Talkomatic platform.

1979 Chat And 1989
In 1979, another online system was released. This was the first one to actually use a "chat" command. This platform was created for The Source in 1979. It was developed by Fritz Thane and Tom Walker during their time with Dialcom. Internet chat took a big leap forward in February of 1989. At this time, the world held its first ever transatlantic Internet chat. The chat involved a person from Oulu, Finland and someone from Corvallis, Oregon. At that point, the world began to see the true potential of the Internet and what it could become in the future.

1980 CB Simulator
Despite all of the advancements made to online chats, it wasn't until 1980 that the first online chat service was made publicly available. During this year, the CB Simulator was introduced. This system was created by a CompuServe executive working out of Columbus, Ohio. As the name suggests, the system took on a CB radio type feel. In the beginning, the CB Simulator had 40 channels. When the platform began incredibly popular, the company was forced to add new channels and new commands. Despite no marketing, the CB Simulator actually became the most popular product produced by CompuServe.
The CB Simulator was actually used to conduct several weddings. Most of the couples married through the platform are still married today!

Other Platforms
Over the years, Internet chat has continued to thrive and advance. The MUD platform quickly gave way to the Internet Relay Chat. Eventually, AOL's Instant Message was introduced and Yahoo! Messenger quickly followed. These programs introduced emojis, voice chat and even video chat. And of course, more consumers began utilizing these programs and this inspired new updates and better software. Each subsequent product offered great enhancements over the previous software and eventually allowed seamless conversation about topics ranging from recreation to dating. Single men and women often meet in chat rooms for adults to discuss romance, love, sex, and other topics.

2017 - Video Chatting
Today's modern online chat room offers a platform that is enhanced to give users the ability to see and communicate with each other. A webcam is needed for this activity, but most computers offer a built-in video camera that streams images in real-time. All users need to do is connect their webcam, if not already installed in the computer, to their computer and install its driver. Once these steps are completed, it will be possible to video chat with whomever you like. Video chatting has definitely changed the online dating world for the better.

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