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Beer is ACTUALLY good for you

 article about beer is good for your health
2017-08-01 13:53:39
I've personally always looked at beer as healthy thing - after all, it's all water and vitamins, you just need to be careful not to get a vitamin overdose. Yes, I know, I'm weird.

But recent studies show that moderate drinking can actually be good for you. For example one of the latest studies published in a journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Diabetologia, shows that people who drink a few glasses of alcohol three or four days a week have not lower, but the lowest risk of developing diabetes.

So if you have a few drinks a few days a week, you have lower risk of diabetes than those who only consume something one day a week, and even lower than those who love their sobriety. Heavy drinking, of course, is already another story. Heavy drinkers have at least equal risk to always sober people.

The data set of the study included more than 70 000 people, both men and women, and lasted around five years, out of those 70k people 859 men and 887 women developed diabetes.

The best results were for study groups who on average drank, for men 14 alcoholic beverages each week, and for women 9 alcoholic beverages each week. Compared to non-drinkers the study showed that this group had roughly 50% lower risk of developing diabetes.

But what did they drink? Does the choice of alcohol matter as well? Well, for men beer and wine worked good, information on spirits was not so conclusive. For women spirits actually increased the risk remarkably. For women wine is the safest choice.

You can learn more about the study here.

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