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Caesars Palace announces new milestones

 article about Caesars Palace
2011-11-10 06:35:31
Vegas' top gaming resort, Caesars Palace has just announced a set of new milestones as part of their two-year renaissance that started in March 2011 when Celine Dion returned to the stage. The Caesars Palace renaissance includes new entertainment launches as well as two brand new hotel towers and new exclusive restaurants.

Here's a list of some important highlights that will be taking place or have already taken place at the Caesars Palace:

March 2011
Celine Dion returned to The Colosseum.

August 2011
Rod Stewart premiered at The Colosseum.

September 2011
James Beard Award-winning Chef Michel Richard opened Central at Caesars Palace and Elton John returned to The Colosseum.

January 2012
Caesars Palace is going to open its sixth hotel tower, Octavius Tower.

Winter 2012
Caesars Palace will celebrate the opening of Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Fall 2012
Caesars Palace is going to open world's first Nobu Hotel.

December 2012
Shania Twain will be premiering at The Colosseum.

In order to highlight all these new additions, Caesars Palace decided to launch an interactive media player for the sake of providing consumers and news media with the latest information, video and photo material.

You can find the their interactive media player with more information for Caesars Palace new milestones for its renaissance here.

Caesars Palace

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