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10 Most Popular Slots Apps of 2017

 article about 10 Most Popular Slots Apps of 2017
2018-01-08 13:33:41
Do you love to play slots but just don't have time to go to the casino as often as you would like? Why not bring the casino home with slots apps that you can play from the comfort of your own couch? This past year was big year for mobile applications, and slots apps are starting to really become popular. I'm author Chelsea Snook, from Harrisburg Pennsylvania, and I am here to list the top 10 most popular slots apps of 2017. I myself love to play slots and other casino games on my phone so you can trust me when I say these really are the 10 best slots apps out there!

10. Bet356

Bet365 is a mobile app for both iPhone and Android users. It is great because it has a wide variety of different types of games as well as a sports betting feature that allows the player to bet on their favorite sports team. This one is great to try if your just starting to get into the slots games.

9. Intercasino

Intercasino is a great slots app because it not only features slots as a main component of the game, but it also offers a wide variety of other casino games where the play can actually bet real money.

8. Slot Machine

Slot machine is great for people who like to play with both real and online currency. You can pay to play and gamble for real money, or if you choose to just play for fun it offers that option as well. The only real downfall to this game is that it is only offered for android users currently.

7. Monopoly Slots

Monopoly slots is a great game for iPhone users whom love the thrill of slots, but want something a little more interactive. It has mini games and other promotional activities that encourage the player to keep coming back for more! Monopoly slots takes the beloved board game and gives a new twist that's fun for everyone.

6. Slots-House of Fun

Slots-House of Fun is a terrific app for a more experienced player who has played many different slot games already. It is a little more basic looking and less interactive but embodies the real casino feel and more of a realistic slot experience.

5. BGO Casino

BGO Casino is a fun, interactive app that is great for the heavy gambler. It offers a sign up bonus for new players and if you play your cards right, you could make a good chunk of change with this one.

4. SlotsMagic

SlotsMagic is an app for Android users that is great for someone looking to make some money gambling online as well. It has a fun wild, wild, west theme and offers a wide variety of games and activities, all of which have great earning potential.

3. Big Fish Casino

Other than excellent marketing, Big Fish Casino has really delivered a great slot machine app experience. They offer a wide variety of games, as well as a really fun and easy to use mobile experience.

2. Slotomania

Slotomania is a really great app that has excellent earning potential as well as a fun and animated interface. This one made my top two because, not only do you win real money when you gamble, you can also win various prizes and awards within the game that translate to real prizes as well. You collect bonuses when you complete challenges and you can use whatever coins you win from completing challenges and mini games to buy spins at the slot machine. This one is really great, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to gamble real money.

1. Caesars Slots

Finally, the number one spot on my list of the top 10 slots apps of the year goes to Caesars Slots. Caesars Slots is a great slots game for the iPhone user who wants something simple but thrilling. This app offers a wide variety of slot machines as well as some fan favorites from Caesars Palace Casino, such as Elvis slots and Pink Panther.

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