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Microchips implanted in workers hands

 article about microchip in your hand
2017-07-25 03:44:24
And they did it willingly.

(So if you were looking for a scandal, move on.)

Workers at the Three Square Market will soon get a microchip in their hands to identify themselves. The microchip will be used to log into computers, enter the office, or even to buy a snack.

Only workers who agree to have a microchip will be getting it. So far 50 people have already agreed to it according to ABC News.

The microchips will be placed in the workers hands, between the thumb and forefinger. While most people are excited about it, many are also reluctant to get the implant.

While the people will be able to use the chip to enter the office or log into their computers, the chips can't be used to track anyone, no GPS involved. The chips use encryption as good as credit cards do and hacking them will be (nearly) impossible.

The implantations will most likely take place August 1, 2017.

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