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France to end sales of gas and diesel cars by 2040

 article about France to stop selling gas and diesel cars
2017-07-07 03:02:38
Volvo announced earlier this week that starting from 2019 none of their new models will work with only internal combustion engines. Now France has announced that they will end selling gas and diesel cars by 2040, joining the rows of other countries that have made a similar pledge.

While France's plan isn't as ambitious as the one of India or Norway, countries that plan to do the same by 2030 and 2025 accordingly, it's still a good plan that shows their efforts to fight climate change.

Nicolas Hulot, the French environment minister said that "It's a very difficult objective, but the solutions are there."

Additionally, the country is set to end using coal for electricity by 2022 and stops issuing new gas and oil exploration permits later this year.

The two major automakers in France, Renault and the PSA Group, haven't released any statements about their view of the decisions yet.

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France to stop selling gas and diesel cars

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France to stop selling gas and diesel cars

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France to stop selling gas and diesel cars

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France to stop selling gas and diesel cars

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