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The CD is DEAD!

 article about High end cd players
2004-08-23 06:15:43
The 40GB iPod can take 10,000 songs. Even the most ardent music lover
will be hard pushed to fill that up. But does this mean the end of your
beloved CDs?

Over two years ago the iPod was born. We all
wanted one: hardly any of us could afford one. Parents and bank
managers up and down the land frowned in puzzlement: an I-what?,
followed by: How much!? So bitterly we carried on buying our
extortionately priced CDs.

Then came the mini
the mini iPod has brought the glamour and glitz of the iPod to a
grateful market. More affordable, and definitely sexier, the mini-iPod
stores 1000 songs, comes in five different colours, and includes iTunes.

is a software pack that allows the user to put their CDs onto their
computer and then onto their iPod. The iPod mini takes around 100
albums. Going through the process can be a bit dull, but is eventually
worth it. And you might even become addicted. If you have access to the
internet, iTunes can even automatically look up the song titles etc, so
you dont have to do any typing yourself.

However, one aspect
of iTunes may really be a threat to CD sales. It has a link to Apples
Music Store where you can buy single tracks for next to nothing, and
albums that are cheaper than the high street. Whether albums are cheap
enough is questionable. Internet savvy individuals will know that other
online retailers are offering CDs for the same price with the added
bonus of the packaging and artwork. Apple may have to negotiate
slightly lower prices for more people to consider downloading albums.
However, the singles market may be a success. Singles are normally
throwaway, and in the Music Store you can purchase a single for a third
of high-street prices. One minus is that not all singles are for sale
yet through the Music Store. At the time of going to press, only five
singles out of the top ten chart in the UK were available to download.

may take a few more steps to revolutionise the way we all purchase
music. You can already link your iPod up to your car stereo easily
aswell as your hifi. Plus, the mini iPod doesnt store enough songs for
us to sell our CDs on Ebay yet. The 10,000-song iPod would therefore
have to become more affordable. However, the revolution might be closer
than you think. The new, fourth generation 10,000-song iPod is cheaper
than the original $399/299. You can also buy large speakers especially
for your iPod at home. All this may be reflecting the way well listen
to music in a few years.

A message for CDs everywhere: this
music lover is having an affair with her Pinky (you can even name your
iPod). And, as always, the adulterer is considering leaving the spouse
for the mistress.

So, the CD is dead, long live the iPod?

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High end cd players

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